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Keith & Kristyn Getty Sing! Summit & Concert - Pensacola, FL
2018.1020 Gettys Sing Pensacola poster

Keith & Kristyn Getty with their Celtic, Bluegrass, Americana and Classical instrumentalists
Evening Concert
7:00pm at Pensacola's historic Saenger Theatre  

Sing! Summit
9:00am - Noon
Getty Kids Workshop
11:00am - Noon
at First Baptist Church of Pensacola


More than just an evening concert!
Join them earlier in the day for the Sing! Summit events

The Sing! National City Tour is a full one day event and concert with teaching and interaction featuring the Gettys and friends during the day and an evening concert bringing churches together in your city. In this way, we hope to see these city-wide events extend the vision of the Sing! conference and Sing! book to encourage and deepen personal and congregational worship.

  • Featuring hours of teaching on topics like the importance of Congregational Singing in the growth and health of your church, led by Keith Getty and other
  • A special Children's Workshop is also featured during the Summit - led by Kristyn Getty and designed for children and parents to attend
  • A great event for your entire family, church staff, and music team!
  • Sing! Summit starts at 9:00am and the Children's Workshop starts at 11:00am

There is also a special Q&A times over lunch with Keith Getty (Lunch is included with your Sing! Summit or Getty Kids event tickets.

This Sing! Summit events are being held at First Baptist Church of Pensacola. The evening concert is at Pensacola's historic Saenger Theatre.

Special Thanks to McIlwain Music & Arts, an outreach of McIlwain Presbyterian Church for sponsoring the Sing! PENSACOLA event and bringing the Sing! National City Tour to Pensacola, FL.


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