WOW Ministry Team Partners

Thanks for considering a partnership with WOW Radio!


WOW Radio is a COMMUNITY supported, non-commercial radio station which relies on individuals and other organizations to keep us on the air. Businesses, non-profits, ministries and churches who believe in the ministry of WOW Radio financially support us and become Ministry Team Partners.

Your organization can be used by God to impact South Alabama and Northwest Florida by supporting Christian radio which connects people to God and each other while strengthening them in their daily walk. You’ll join the growing number of organizations that support the ministry of WOW Radio while making the statement that your business stands for the Lord.

When your organization supports WOW Radio, as an expression of our appreciation of your support, we’ll play an on-air “Thank You” announcements that mentions your organization’s name and the city and state where you are located. You will also receive a complete Listing in WOW Radio’s Partner Directory on the WOW website at

To learn more about becoming a WOW Ministry Team Partner, please read the frequently asked questions and answers below:

What is a Non-Commercial radio station?

Any station on the radio dial below 91.9 is recognized by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) as a Non-Commercial radio station. That means that we can not sell commercials but we CAN thank businesses on the air for their support.


What is a Ministry Team Partner sponsorship?

WOW Radio’s Ministry Team Partner support of the station is a way to market your organization to our loyal listeners while supporting a ministry that focuses on being a positive influence in our community. A sponsorship is a way to financially support the ministry of WOW Radio through your business, non-profit organization or church on a short- or long-term basis. A $100.00 monthly donation with a minimum of three (3) month commitment is required to become a Ministry Team Partner or a one-time donation of $1200.00 qualifies your organization for a full year. In addition, the cost of of being a Ministry Team Partner is considered a tax deductible gift to the station.


How will WOW listeners know we are a Ministry Team Partner?

WOW Ministry Team Partners receive produced On-Air Announcements as a "Thank You" for your support. Your organization and other non-competing partners will be mentioned in a :30 Donor Acknowledgment announcements will include the your organization’s name, city and state. The on-air announcements will also mention that more information about WOW’s Ministry Team Partners can be found in the Partner Directory at You will also receive a complete Listing in WOW Radio’s Partner Directory. The directory is on the WOW website at Each listing includes two (2) descriptions of your organization, both a brief and full description, up to five (5) Listing Categories or a denomination for a church or ministry, the your physical address and hours of operation, listing of the your on-line presence (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other accounts), your Point of Contact for those seeking additional information, a logo or other picture, and your choice of a Ministry Team Partner door/window decal or framed certificate, to show your support of WOW Radio


My business fits in more than one category. What should I do?

We currently list businesses up to five (5) categories. So choose the categories that you feel best represents your business. Let us know if you don’t find one that’s a good fit.


What's the main difference between supporting WOW Radio as a non-profit organization compared to a for-profit business?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates what non-commercial radio stations can say about commercial businesses and allows much more leniency on spots written for Non-profit organizations. There are several rules we must abide by. Tax-exempt, IRS §501(c)(3) recognized non-profit organizations (churches, most ministries, community organizations, etc.) have a different opportunity as it relates to supporting WOW Radio. Non-profit announcements sound very much like what would be heard on a commercial radio station.


I've heard some longer length announcements on air for businesses How can I get mine mentioned?

It sounds like you’ve heard an on-air Donor Acknowledgment announcement. It's the equivalent of business underwriting on public radio and television. It calls for investment levels similar to local radio advertising. The benefit of this is called the "halo effect" because the audience hears your message on WOW Radio. Without actually saying it, it says you believe in them.


Donor Acknowledge announcements sounds as if its advertising, is it?

In the strictest sense, Donor Acknowledgment announcements are not advertising. For your business, we’ll announce: Your business name, Your address and web address, Your phone number, and up to three products or services you offer. Although we are limited by FCC rules so we cannot announce a call to action, price information, or comparative information, we CAN introduce your business to thousands of listeners each week. (Additional information on Donor Acknowledgements is available upon request.) WOW Radio announcements are designed to provide listeners valuable information about your business or organization. No screaming heavy-handedness...we don't tell people what to do. We give listeners information that they use and act upon.


Do Donor Acknowledgments on WOW Radio work?

WOW Radio listeners are a different type of radio listeners and they listen to WOW Radio specifically because we're different type of radio station. WOW Radio offers you the opportunity to speak directly to one of the most loyal and dedicated groups of radio listeners in our area.

Additionally, as a primarily listener-supported radio ministry, WOW listeners often seek out opportunities to support the businesses and organizations that support WOW Radio, as another way to support the station they love.


Are there some examples of Donor Acknowledgments that could air on WOW Radio?

Support for WOW Radio comes from…

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College offers offers opportunities for learning and growth by providing academic and technical instruction, workforce development, adult and continuing education, and cultural enrichment by serving Butler, Covington, Crenshaw, Coffee, and Geneva counties. More information about Lurleen B. Wallace Community College including campus tours is available by calling 334–222–6591 or online at lbwcc dot edu


The Saenger Theatre presents American Idol winner Kris Allen, in concert, Friday, April 26. Tickets available online at pensacola saenger dot com; the Saenger Theatre Box Office and by phone at 850-595-3880. Kris Allen, live in concert Friday, April 26, at the Saenger Theatre on Palafox in Pensacola. More information is online at pensacola saenger dot com


Wayne’s Tire & Auto Repair a full-service repair center. They focus on Engines, Tune-ups, Fuel, Exhaust and Suspensions. Technicians are ASE Certified. They offer all brands of tires with many standard sizes in stock. Serving the Gulf Coast for 50 years, Wayne’s is in five locations, Crestview, Milton, Pace, Pensacola and Cantonment. More information is available at WAYNES TIRE AND AUTO REPAIR DOT COM.


Absolute Physical Therapy, a provider of physical therapy incorporating progressive exercise for strengthening and conditioning provides home visits in the Brewton, Alabama area. Absolute Physical Therapy is located at 316 State Street in Brewton. Their phone number is 251-555-1212. More information is online at absolute physical therapy dot com


Tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), non-profit organizations (churches, most ministries, etc.) have a different opportunity as it relates to supporting WOW. Announcements for non-profit organizations sound very much like what would be heard on a commercial radio station.


Does my listing mean that WOW endorses my business or ministry?

Ministry Team Partners are supporters of the radio station. We encourage listeners to support businesses that support WOW. However, listings are not official endorsements.


Will my business be solicited or put on mailing lists?

WOW never sells donor information. However, the online directory is available to the public and we respectfully ask that our visitors do not solicit their businesses.


How to get started or get additional information?

If you would like to learn more about partnering with WOW Radio and becoming a Ministry Team Partner, please contact Larry Steelman at 850-686-0911 (direct) or Email him by clicking here.



WOW Radio reserves the right to refuse business support agreements to any organization or business that does not meet the same standards to which we hold ourselves accountable. Also, a Donor Acknowledgment is in support of the station, however, support will in no way imply that donors may influence program content or programming decisions.