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Mike's Auto & Diesel

Mike's Auto & Diesel

3117 S Alabama Ave, Monroeville, AL 36460

Here are just a few of the repairs Mikes Automotive offers:

  • Fuel and air filters replacements
  • Alignments
  • Brake pads, rotors and calipers replacements
  • Check engine lights diagnosed
  • Wiper blades replaced
  • Belts and hoses replaced, including timing belts
  • Batteries replaced
  • Ball joints and tie rod ends replaced
  • Radiators repaired or replaced and coolant flushed
  • Shock and struts replaced
  • Spark plug wires replaced
  • CV joint axles replaced
  • Thermostats repaired
  • Alternators and starters repaired and/or replaced
  • 02 sensors repaired
  • Water pumps repaired
  • Ignitions serviced
  • Mufflers and catalytic converter repaired and replaced
  • A/C compressors or condensers repaired
  • Universal joints repaired or replaced
  • Engine/Transmission mounts repaired
  • Auto transmissions and manual clutches repaired or replaced
  • Power steering pumps replaced
  • Rack & pinion units repaired or replaced
  • Engines installed
  • Tire pressure monitors replaced


  • Address
    3117 S Alabama Ave
    Monroeville, AL 36460
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