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We are a listener-supported, non-commercial radio station that relies on individuals and organizations to keep us on the air and streaming worldwide.


We don't sell commercials but offer sponsorships to support the ministry of WOW Radio. 


A $100.00 monthly donation with a minimum of three months of commitment is required to become a Ministry Partner, or a one-time donation of $1,200.00 qualifies your organization for an entire year. In addition, the cost of being a Ministry Partner is considered a tax-deductible gift to the station.

WOW Ministry Partners receive an on-air 30-second donor acknowledgment announcement. The on-air announcements will also mention that more information about WOW's Ministry Partners can be found in the online Partner Directory. 


In the strictest sense, donor acknowledgment announcements are not advertising. For your business, we'll announce:

  • Your business name.

  • Your address and web address.

  • Your phone number.

  • Up to three products or services you offer.


Your announcement cannot include a "call to action" according to FCC rules, but we CAN introduce your business to thousands of listeners weekly. (Additional information on Donor Acknowledgements is available upon request.) 


WOW Radio announcements are designed to provide listeners with valuable information about your business or organization. No screaming heavy-handedness...we don't tell people what to do. We give listeners information that they use and act upon. We encourage listeners to support businesses that support WOW Radio. However, listings are not official endorsements.

To learn more about partnering with WOW Radio and becoming a Ministry Team Partner, please contact Larry Steelman at 850-686-0911 (direct) or email him by clicking here.

WOW Radio reserves the right to refuse business support agreements to any organization or business that does not meet the same standards to which we hold ourselves accountable. Also, a Donor Acknowledgment is in support of the station, however, support will in no way imply that donors may influence program content or programming decisions.


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