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Pensacola Teen Challenge

Pensacola Teen Challenge

8600 W. Hwy 98, Pensacola, FL 32506

Pensacola Teen Challenge is a Christian-based discipleship program that is both highly structured and highly disciplined, and is designed to help prepare a student to stand on his own feet after completion of the program.  Christian principles are the foundation of the ministry, and are taught and shared daily with the students. 

At Pensacola Teen Challenge, students come from all walks of life.  Some students enter voluntarily after they have reached a point of desperation and have realized their need for help, while others are court ordered.  A student who is in need of life change does not miraculously transform overnight. Change requires a process of time, and a student must be willing to commit to whatever time is needed in order to effect change.  Although many recovery programs are much shorter in length, there are no other programs that have as great a success rate as Teen Challenge.  This is due, in part, to the length of the program.  Many times, students who enter the Teen Challenge program have spent years trapped in their addictions, and it requires time before they are truly ready to receive the proper tools to change.

The Pensacola Teen Challenge offers both Men and Women Programs.  They currently provide over 120 men and women room, board and an effective life changing program to successfully re-enter society.

Pensacola Teen Challenge has several enterprises that allow the students to have a position as well being an important part in financing their programs. Thank you for donating and supporting their businesses.